SSL Security Certificates

SSLdomain-blocksPeople are getting smart about online security. More and more of them are looking for the padlock icon and “https” prefix in the address bar of their browser before submitting personal information online.

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We carry EV SSL Certificates ( Extended Validation Certificates ) for the green bar for 50% less than other SSL Certification Providers. Our higher end certs go from $99.00 per cert,

compare that to others who charge $299. and more.

Plus we carry all types of SSL Certs, including multiple server and multiple domain ssl certificates.

If your Web site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, visitors may leave before making a purchase, creating an account or even signing up for a newsletter.

Our SSL Security Certificates are priced right and function like any other security certificate that would cost over $100 dollars. These are recognized by web visitors like any other secure site.

Premium Extended Validation Certificates provide the highest level of online assurance for your customers using a process that’s standardized across all certification authorities:

  • More extensive than any existing SSL vetting process (undertaken by any certification authority).
  • Verifies your organization’s identity, the validity of your request and the overall legitimacy of your business.
  • Two types of U.S. businesses that qualify for this certificate:
    • Corporate registration refers to organizations which include corporations and limited liability companies.
    • Business entities include legally registered business entities such as LP, LLP, PC, and organizations that do business using a legally registered assumed name.
  • Browsers also display both the organization name and issuing certification authority.

Using the same rock-solid, 256-bit encryption technology as our Standard SSL and Deluxe SSL Certificates, Premium SSL Certificates prove that your Web site is a secure place for customers to conduct business.

Multiple Domain Certificates, also called Unified Communications Certificates (UCC), provide the most flexible class of SSL Certificates today by securing multiple domain names with one certificate.

  • Secure up to 100 domain names on one certificate.
  • Save money because the cost of one Multiple Domain Certificate, with additional domain names, is less than the cost of individual certificates for each unique domain name.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Communications Server.
  • Simplifies the process of managing multiple certificates with varying expiration dates.

Our Single, Multiple Domain and Subdomain certificates all use the same rock-solid, 256-bit encryption technology, proving that your Web site is a secure place for customers to conduct business.

NOTE: The UCC Certificate is ideal for Communication Server, Exchange Server and other Enterprise Applications, as well as for single companies or entities with many related URLs. This Certificate is not recommended for use with sites completely separate from each other (e.g. a network provider who builds Web sites for competitors).
Before issuing a certificate, Starfield Technologies rigorously authenticates the requestor’s domain control and, in the case of High Assurance SSL Certificates, the identity and, if applicable, the business records of the certificate-requesting entity. The authentication process ensures that customers and business partners can rest assured that a Web site

protected with a Starfield Technologies certificate can be trusted.
A Starfield Technologies SSL Certificate provides the security your business needs and the protection your customers deserve. With a Starfield Technologies SSL Certificate, customers will know that your site is secure.